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About Us

ZipPrime is an R&D-based biotechnology company that has developed several novel technologies for capturing, detection and preservation of nucleic acid molecules. With a strong background in molecular biology, ZipPrime’s R&D team has been able to conceive and demonstrate a novel and far higher efficient method for molecular targeting and capturing of oligonucleotides, including rare and fragile circulating-free DNA (cfDNA) molecules, at a single molecule level. Instead of standard size selection-based nucleic acid isolation and purification methods, traditionally used in the industry, ZipPrime’s capturing technology centres around magnetic particle-based novel primer structures which can target each and every oligonucleotide molecules as a simple, elegant, accurate and low cost solution. These versatile magnetic particle-based-based structures also allow the reusable storage and enrichment of captured oligonucleotides without the need for complicated devices or protocols. An initial UK patent application for this technology was filed in 2012 and a following PCT application in 2014. ZipPrime’s intellectual property (IP) of core nucleic acid capturing, storage and enrichment technology is protected by a patent portfolio consisting of a patent family based upon the PCT application published in 2014 and entered the National/Regional Phase in key territories and ZipPrime’s first patent has been granted in February 2017.


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[Awarded with the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 01 Grant and "Seal of Excellence" Certificate]


SME Instrument

By developing a truly integrated molecular targeting, capturing and storage technology, ZipPrime was awarded with the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 01 Grant in 2015 and successfully completed the feasibility studies for the developments of business strategy of its technology. In 2017, the company applied to SME Instrument Phase 02 Grant and was awarded with the “Seal of Excellence” certificate.