[Competitive Features]



ZipPrime has developed a novel cfDNA capturing technology as a complete and dedicated pre-analytical workflow. Instead of size selection-based of cfDNA extraction methods, ZipPrime’s capturing technology prevents the loss of cfDNAs and improves the accuracy of cfDNA-based clinical diagnosis by tagging each and every cfDNA fragment, including the very rare cfDNA biomarkers, at a single molecule level.



ZipPrime’s patented cfDNA capturing technology ensures sensitive detection of even the rarest mutations from the cfDNA fragments that are captured and extracted from liquid biopsy samples. ZipPrime’s detection technology will be delivered to the in-vitro molecular diagnostics market as a disruptive cfDNA biomarker library preparation kit which is compatible with every PCR-based molecular diagnostic tool.



In order to solve the efficiency problems of cfDNA sample preparation workflow for cfDNA-based early cancer diagnosis, ZipPrime has developed a unique a preservation technology that allows the reusable storage, enrichment and subsequent clinical testing of captured cfDNA fragments by constructing a reusable cfDNA biomarker library without the need for any complicated devices or protocols.